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The James Bond movie franchise has given us some great gadgets—some of which we wish we had and others that aren’t so practical but still pretty cool. But real life has given us some neat gadgets too! Sure, we may not have access to a dagger shoe or a mini-rocket cigarette.

Still, innovations in technology and practical applications of survivalist techniques have shown us that Hollywood could take a few pointers from what is already available in real life. Here are ten gadgets that James Bond would want in real life (in no particular order).

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10 Makr Shakr

The quintessential Bond line “Shaken, not stirred” is the inspiration for our first selection. The Makr Shakr is a robotic arm bartender that eliminates the need for a human bartender. Or, to be less salty about it, all you have to do is sit back and let the robot do its job.

This may not be spy gear, but it definitely plays an important role in Bond’s personal life and vices. However, the outrageous look of an assembly line machine arm bartender makes it seem that it’d be better suited for Archer, who is the perfect parody of Roger Moore’s suave playboy vibes and Pierce Brosnan’s sarcasm and wit.

9 Belty

Daniel Craig, in my opinion, is the darkest version of Bond. He is the silent type who has no problem reminding us that he’s a covert agent first and has no problem killing who he has to kill. He’s also terribly good-looking. That’s why Belty is on this list.

Belty is a self-adjusting belt. It is stylish enough to pass as a regular belt, but why limit the technology behind it to constrict waists and hold up pants? Hear me out. What if Bond could adjust the Belty to self-adjust around a person’s neck? To me, it’s the perfect 2-in-1 tool, like the exploding pen. Forget piano wire—that’s such a mafia tactic anyway. Bond uses a belt to choke his targets.

8 LifeStraw

If you camp, you know how important it is to NOT drink water from lakes, ponds, or streams without boiling it first. Drinking the water straight could result in some pretty nasty medical complications and a ruined camping trip. Fortunately, several solutions don’t require you to boil water, one of which is the LifeStraw.

The LifeStraw is a portable straw that filters water of viruses and bacteria. The company behind it, Vestergaard, has some great sustainability and water equality initiatives, too, so good on them.

In his line of work, Bond visits some far-out places, as seen in No Time to Die, for example. The Lifestraw, then, seems a logical addition to his survivalist tools should he have to travel through harsh and limiting conditions. Stay hydrated, my friends.

7 Ray-Ban Stories

Of all the Bonds, Roger Moore probably got the coolest gadgets. He’d be the one we would most likely see shopping around for the next Swiss Army knife of ridiculous all-in-one features. With him in mind, though, it isn’t easy coming up with a real-life gadget that he would want. We could give him a smartwatch, but nothing compares to the Rolex Submariner. We could give him a self-driving car, but, meh—he had the …….

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