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These days, there are a whole host of hiccups you can experience while traveling by air — domestically, internationally or otherwise. A travel day has become more like holding your breath and waiting for the next delay to hit, rather than a convenient, smooth way to get from point A to point B. Will your flight get delayed? Cancelled? Will someone refuse to wear a mask? Will security insist the candle you bought for your mother-in-law is suspicious? Will a drunken passenger result in an unexpected landing in Kansas? Any of it is fair game.

Thankfully, there are plenty of travel accessories and well-designed carry-on luggage you can purchase to help make your voyage a little easier. We can’t all be full-blown travel influencers, but we can invest in the right gear to make flights, layovers and those oh-so-joyous waits in the terminal a tad more bearable.

We’ve gathered 10 must-have travel gadgets that could come in super handy one day. So the next time you’re caught on a long layover or the airport WiFi isn’t jiving with your devices, reach for one of these travel hacks. We’ve even got some ingenious travel gear for parents traveling with young kids. These might not make your plane take off on time or your lost luggage find your hotel before your vacation begins, but trust us, you’ll be glad you have them.


1. Twelve South AirFly Pro Wireless Transmitter

Think you have to use wired headphones to enjoy in-flight entertainment? Think again! This wireless transmitter from Twelve South connects wirelessly to your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones and enables you to listen to movies, TV shows and more on the plane without wires cramping your style. It’s got a battery life of 16+ hours so you’re covered for most long-haul flights, and it’s got a range of 33 feet so you’ve got plenty of room to move around.

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2. Etekcity Digital Portable Luggage Scale

Don’t be that person attempting to repack your suitcase at baggage check, weigh your bag conveniently ahead of time with a portable luggage scale. You clip it onto your bag and let it hang, and the scale measures the weight without the need for you to step on an actual scale. It’s got a high-accuracy sensor and a rubber-textured handle that’s grippy and easy to hold. It’s built for travel, and can easily be packed in your pocket for the journey. It also has a thermometer built in, in case your delicate luggage needs a certain climate.

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3. Flyaway Kids Bed

A flight with children is way easier when they get enough sleep, and this inflatable kids bed from Flyaway is designed to make traveling with little ones as convenient as possible. An airplane seat is not a comfortable place for anyone to get their ZZZ’s in, let alone a small child. …….

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