12 best energy saving devices for your home 2022: How to save money in the long term – HELLO!

April 13, 2022 – 12:48 BST

Maisie Bovingdon

Energy bills are set to increase, and though they are expensive already, we are on the hunt for easy solutions to keep prices low.

With many still working from home, it can be difficult keeping the costs of electricity down.

While some simple tasks, such as switching off every switch can help, of course there are some we can’t, for example, the fridge and freezer.

But there are some solutions out there to help you keep costs low, and smart devices are hugely popular.

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From eco chargers and smart sockets, to solar-panelled tech, energy saving LED light bulbs, to the classic smart meter to really keep an eye on where your pennies are going, are just some of the must-haves, which are achievable and can keep costs down.

We have sifted through high street retailers to find the best energy saving devices to shop now.

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Energy Monitor

An energy monitor is a must have for those who are conscious of their spending and want to monitor the rise in their energy bills.

This smart monitor keeps a check on the time, the wattage, electrical quantity, cost, and so much more to help save you energy and money.

Decdeal Power Energy Monitor, £17.99, Amazon


Solar charging bank

There is nothing worse than running out of power, whether that is on your phone, headphones, or laptop, when on the go, which is why a power bank is always helpful to keep on you in case of an emergency.

But a charging bank powered by solar energy is the latest must have, as it not only is cost-effective, eco-friendly, but means you will never run out of juice as you don’t have to charge it before you head out – so you’ll never be stuck.

Solar Power Bank, £24.95, Amazon


Bluetooth keyboard

A bluetooth keyboard sounds hi-tech, but actually it’s much simpler to use, and energy saving too.

Simply sync to your device and start typing away.

Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard, £28.99, Amazon 


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