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December 16, 2021 by No Comments

Listening to music is a truly personal experience. Our favorite songs are our favorites for a reason, and when we’re in the zone, lost in the lyrics, it’s a euphoric feeling. While wearing headphones that produce quality sound is of utmost importance for music lovers, having a portable speaker that can be easily transported around is essential, too.

But not just any speaker. It has to be Bluetooth-enabled, have a decent battery life and rich sound (a built-in microphone for Bluetooth phone calls wouldn’t hurt, either). However, while Bluetooth, good battery life and decent sound are pretty standard for most speakers these days, what really makes one stand out is its appearance and how well it blends in — or stands out — in its surroundings.

A unique-looking portable music speaker not only makes a great gift for the music enthusiast in your life, but it also adds decoration to your own home if you don’t plan on traveling with it much. And designers have gotten creative with making speakers that match different moods, styles, color schemes and aesthetics. From speakers that look like retro jukeboxes to super-tiny — and almost unnoticeable — tumbler-style speakers with generous volume, why not invest in speakers that are nice to listen to and look at?

Below, we rounded up 12 speakers with the coolest, non-traditional designs. Whether you want one for your office to help you unwind after long conference calls or in the living room to entertain guests, there’s surely a speaker that fits your taste.

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