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In the world of always-connected devices and smart accessories, there are countless uses for Bluetooth. Beyond wireless earbuds or hooking up wireless keyboards, there are some oddities to be found. We dive deeper into the homes of Mobile Nations staff and the weird Bluetooth devices they’re proud (or not so proud) to own.

Keep it clean:
Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush

Richard Devine, Reviews Editor, Windows Central

Do we really need a smart toothbrush? Probably not, but it’s still a handy little gadget. It hooks into Xiaomi’s existing smart home app, syncs over Bluetooth, and scores how well you brush your teeth. It even lets you know which ones need more attention.

$41 at Amazon

Literal trash:
Bruno Smart Trash Can

Lory Gil, Managing Editor, iMore

Do you need a smart trashcan? Probably not. Do you want your phone to remind you to take out the garbage? If you can’t tell by the smell, maybe you need this smart trashcan. It comes with a vacuum so you can sweep up crumbs right into the can. No dustpan needed.

$199 at Bruno Smart Can

Find your things:
Tile Slim (2019)

Daniel Bader, Managing Editor, Android Central

I’m the guy who actually misplaces his wallet all the time, so the fact that the new Tile Slim fits in a credit card slot has been an absolute lifesaver.

$30 at Amazon

Count those beans:
Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

Al Sacco, VP Editorial

In my ongoing search to make a consistently-perfect cup of pour-over drip coffee at home, I came across this Bluetooth scale a few years ago. I’ve used it almost every day since. It helps me weigh out the right amount of beans before I grind, make sure I use the correct amount of water, and times the prcess so my “extraction” is always right. Because it’s Bluetooth-connected, I can record all my experiments (and control the scale) from my phone using the associated Brewmaster app.

$150 at Amazon

Record your life:
Snapchat Spectacles

Matt Brown, Staff Writer, Windows Central

I admittedly don’t use my Snapchat Spectacles nowadays, as the first revision model ages while needing prescription alternatives. They’re an intrinsically polarizing product, catching flak for an atypical design at launch, and tied to a struggling service. However, they deliver convenient video and unique shots, revealing a glimpse of charm among those quirks.

$150 at Amazon

Change …….

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