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Smart Door Lock

The smart door locks are quite protective as these locks come with a fingerprint sensor, RFID card, PIN and OTP. These locks have Bluetooth connectivity and can be accessed via a paired smartphone.

Smart Video Doorbell

Gone are the days when traditional door locks were used to protect your home. Now, there are smart video doorbells that help you see a video of who is at your doorstep before opening the door.

Smart Switches

You need not get from your place and walk towards a switchboard to turn on or turn off any appliance as there are products such as smart switches that will do the task for you easily.

Smart Bulbs

There are smart bulbs in the market that can be turned on and turned off easily with an app or voice command. Notably, the brightness and color of these smart bulbs can also be adjusted easily.

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are not new and now we have smart ones out there to help in easy cleaning of your home with just a click of a button.

Smart Speakers

With voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more, smart speakers prevail in the market for years and prove to be really useful gadgets.

Smart Security Cameras

There are smart security cameras out there in the market and it is possible to use them to ensure that you can monitor your home and know its safety from time to time.

Smart Washing Machines

Believe it or not, there are smart washing machines that can be controlled to wash your clothes from your smartphone and deliver exceptional results that you will expect from any other washing machine.

Smart Dishwashers

Many people prefer using dishwashers and it is possible to use the smart variants of these appliances to make sure that your work is easier.

Smart Fans

Did you know that there are smart fans available in the market? These smart fans help users switch on and switch off the fan as per their preferences.

Smart Air Purifiers

At this point in time when pollution is a concern that has to be resolved on priority, there are smart air purifiers that help you know the statistics from the device.

Smart ACs

ACs come with a remote that can be used to control them but what will happen if you are not at home? For this reason, there are smart ACs that can be controlled via your smartphone even when you are away.

Smart WiFi-Enabled Refrigerators

There are WiFi-enabled refrigerators that can be used at your home to make sure you know some key information such as the temperature, the …….

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