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1MORE has introduced its new flagship LDAC wireless earbuds this week although unfortunately no pricing or availability has been confirmed as yet. The earbuds are equipped with six microphones, 3 per earbud which combine with an AI-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm to filter out surrounding noises and direct your voice when engaged in phone calls.

A fast charge of just 15 minutes can provide up to 4 hours of playback and the wireless earbud support Qi charging without to 8 hours on a single charge and 28 when used with the accompanying charging case.

“It’s not all about blocking the world out. Sometimes we need to “hear more”. Something 1MORE is synonymous with. The 1MORE EVO ups the ante by including not one, but two transparency modes to switch between depending on the scenario. A more traditional Pass-through mode allows the user to let in the ambient sound around them that can be particularly useful in situations such a heavy traffic being more aware of the surroundings.”

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“Dual-device connection support is also available via the 1MORE MUSIC App for seamless swapping, so there’s zero need to travel with two separate True Wireless earbuds as the 1MORE EVO buds can connect to two devices simultaneously with its strong Bluetooth 5.2 technology. And for that extra piece of mind, the EVO buds’ 3D panel is crafted out of smooth, durable ceramic that can also effectively reduce electromagnetic signal interference, keeping a stable audio transmission whatever you do and wherever you are.”

“The 1MORE EVO is also tuned and ready for calls, too. A total of six microphones – 3 per earbud – and an AI-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm seamlessly work together to filter out surrounding noises and direct your voice when you’re on the phone to provide crystal-clear quality conversations. A feedforward mic catches the environmental noise and cancels out higher pitch sounds while the feedback mic can adapt to variations to self-correct lower pitch sounds. “

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