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Ideas For Home Automation

Also called smart home technology, home automation is the electronic control of household activities. More advanced automation connects home features to a network, in order to control, program and monitor their use. The backbone of the network is usually Wi-Fi. This device network is referred to as the Internet of Things.

Automated homes utilize a centralized system for simple and more complex home features and appliances, like controlling lights, locks, heating and cooling systems, indoor and outdoor cameras, security systems, blinds, sound systems and even coffee pots.

Most products use software that remotely controls home features through a device connected to the internet; for example, a homeowner can lock their front door from the office using their smartphone. They can fill a cup to the proper level using a voice command. Home automation also refers to the use of sensors, like an HVAC system automatically turning on and off based on home occupancy.

There are several ways these devices can be controlled. Sure, you can control your thermostat the old-fashioned way, but you can also control it from your phone. You can tell your Amazon device to make your every wish come true with Alexa. The same goes if you want to use Google Assistant or Siri from Apple. Let’s get into what you can do.

Home Lighting Automation Ideas

Some of the first smart tech came in the form of light bulbs – perhaps because there’s something appealing to the human ego about being able to say “let there be light” and having a group of connected smart lights come on.

The gold standard in this area are lights that can change to any color in a spectrum so that you have full control over the ambience in your home at any time. While these are the most customizable, they also tend to be the most expensive. White bulbs are often cheaper. These bulbs usually allow you to control the color temperature as well.

Another consideration for anything is whether you just want it to connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth or if you need it to hook into Wi-Fi. If you want to be able to control devices with smart assistants, you’ll want to make sure to get the Wi-Fi enabled lights or a connecting bridge device.

Of course, not everything has to rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when it comes to lights. If you just want motion sensors, that’s certainly something that can also be accommodated. Homeowners will sometimes use these on a patio or porch for safety or security purposes, but you can also use them indoors to turn on a light when you walk into a room.

Heating And Cooling Automation Ideas

In the heating and cooling space, the smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature and turn the heat and the AC on and off remotely. You can also program the thermostat to keep a certain temperature during the day when you’re at work and adjust when you get home.

Nest is owned by Google and was a first-mover in this area, but similar competing thermostats are available from Sensi and Honeywell. Both Nest and Honeywell claim to offer the ability to learn your preferences over time, depending on the model you get.

Home Security Automation Ideas

Home security is another area that’s been revolutionized as tech has become cheaper and more connected. You can …….

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