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Over the past two years, Huawei has built so many features to HarmonyOS and while the work is still underway, we can add one more tiny detail as Easter Egg.

Easter Egg:

In Android devices, it’s a hidden feature in the settings menu. Once found, it greets you with an entertaining message or creativity. These Easter egg changes with Android versions. Traditionally in Android, it appears when you tap rapidly on the Android ‘version’ label.

Android 13 brings it different compared to Android 12. Even though both of these shares the same themes but there are minor changes in effect.

HarmonyOS operating system has made its way to millions of smartphones in China and the company is continuously making efforts to bring new features to these consumers.

Since HarmonyOS is already under development and launching new features, there’s a clear slot open to fill in with an easter egg or a similar feature.

However, Android has its own way and Huawei should unveil such a feature with a brand new style. Yes! It’s not a major change as the operating system still needs many improvements but you can see small details could make a big difference.

What’s in the About menu?

The about settings include various specs and software details along with giant HarmonyOS branding. Still, that logo on the top is not accessible or responds to taps.

Easter egg is treated as a hidden feature but as of now, Huawei has not confirmed any details to launch such a feature for HarmonyOS.


HarmonyOS is a cross-device multi-kernel operating system designed and developed by Huawei. The OS is later donated to Open Atom open source foundation.

The Chinese tech maker continues to land further achievements with its customized version that brings many new features for consumers.

Source: https://www.huaweicentral.com/300-million-devices-installed-harmonyos-installation-miit/


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