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This Raya road trip will be a memorable experience for you and your loved ones after the tough years of the pandemic. (Envato Elements pic)

The “balik kampung” road trip is often a joyous occasion but can also be an exercise in patience. Whether it’s being confined to a small space, needing to make regular rest stops, getting hungry or thirsty, feeling the heat of the sun, or getting stuck in traffic jams – many factors could try one’s patience.

Luckily, there are numerous gadgets and accessories these days that can help make the ride more enjoyable. On top of making sure your vehicle has been serviced, your spare tyre is in good condition, and your first-aid kit is updated, here are five items that could prove invaluable during any journey.

1. Sun-protection gear

Sunglasses are the easiest way to shield your eyes and keep a headache away during a long road trip. (Envato Elements pic)

This is a hot country and, on a road trip, the sun is your enemy. If you get stuck in a traffic jam and are unable to move, the inside of your car can heat up very quickly. Heatstroke can be very dangerous for small children and could impair your vision, too.

A sun visor extender, which reduces the glare from the windscreen, is affordable and incredibly helpful so you can maintain a greater field of vision. This is usually attached to the visors in front of the driver and passenger seats, and can extend sideways as well as downward for added coverage.

UV window shades add a layer of protection, and there are those with indicators that let you know if the interior is getting too hot.

And, of course, don’t forget your sunglasses, which often come with UV protection for kids and adults. Wearing these will greatly reduce the likelihood of you and your family having a headache by the time you reach your destination.

2. Bluetooth speaker

With a little searching, you should be able to find the right bluetooth speaker for you at the right price. (Envato Elements pic)

The bluetooth speaker will reduce a great deal of arguing about who gets to choose the road trip playlist. Everyone can easily take turns connecting their devices to it, and it also frees up the driver’s phone to focus on navigation or take calls without worry.

3. LED emergency triangle

An emergency triangle can be used to signal for help or keep you safe when you need to change a tyre. (Envato Elements pic)

A red emergency triangle is not a new safety item, but the ones with LED lights are safer and more easily noticeable. On the off-chance you have a vehicle breakdown on the highway, this triangle can be a literal lifesaver.

Road-safety crews will be conducting more patrols during the Raya period, and these bright triangles will get their attention quickly without being blinding to other drivers.

4. Baby mirror

This adjustable mirror will give you peace of mind. (Envato Elements pic)

Babies have to be strapped into rear-facing car seats, and will likely sleep soundly as long as you are moving. But not being able to see or hear them would make any parent nervous.


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