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If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie or harbored a love for espionage thrillers, you know that the life of a spy is as cool as it could get. Apart from the usual high-voltage drama in these films, it’s exciting to watch the various spy gadgets the protagonists use to get their jobs done.

There are a few tools available to the common public for maintaining surveillance over both objects and people. You can use these tools, but make sure it’s only for constructive purposes. Using them to just snoop around could land you in unwanted situations. That being said, let’s take a look at these tools.

1. Spy Charger

Source: DIVINEEAGLE/Amazon

 Stealth cameras should be concealed well enough so people don’t find them. The Spy Charger ticks all these requirements. 

The Spy Charger is a normal USB charger but with a spy camera installed in it. It’s a smart device that charges a mobile phone and also captures videos in full HD 1080p. 

To use the charger, you need to insert a microSD card up to 256GB, plug it into an outlet, and start recording. In case the space is fully filled, the camera overwrites the previous files to continue recording a video. So, make sure you create a backup of every video once you’ve recorded it with this Spy Charger.

2. Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Source: SpyFinder Pro/Amazon

We’ve already looked at a spy camera, but this one’s a tad bit different. Instead of recording videos, the Spy Hidden Camera Detector finds out if any hidden cameras are installed in your room.

This camera detector is not a typical surveillance device, but it can protect you from being spied on. If you have privacy concerns about staying in a hotel room or using a hotel washroom, the camera detector can effectively make sure you aren’t being spied upon.

To use Spy Hidden Camera Detector, you need to push the button to switch on the red UV LED light for finding cameras. The camera has a detection range between 2 ft to 45 ft (0.6 to 13 meters). 

So, the next time you visit an unfamiliar place, make sure there’s no one snooping around on you.

3. Smart Wi-Fi Bulb Camera

Source: FOOKTU/Amazon

The name of the product itself gives away the fact that it’s more than just a traditional bulb. It has a camera that’ll help you with surveillance from long distances, provided it’s connected to WiFi.

The camera offers general, panoramic, and 360-degree panoramic views without any blind spots. So, none of the people who come into the surveillance area can escape the laser focus of this camera-cum-light bulb.

Talking about other features, the Smart Bulb Camera offers seven colors along with a Bluetooth facility for listening to music. The noise-filter technology helps create a perfect two-way conversation, so you can easily talk to people in a room with this bulb, even though you are miles away from them.

The bulb need not be on for the camera …….

Source: https://interestingengineering.com/5-smart-spy-gadgets-to-unleash-the-james-bond-in-you


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