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When you think of the things you put on a bedside table, one of the most common gadgets is an alarm clock. Several people even put their phones on charge next to their bed. However, plugging in both may not be ideal if you only have one power outlet. You may also want a clutter-free table since too many wires, and cables can ruin your bedroom’s aesthetic. A good solution is to get an alarm clock with built-in wireless charging.

This way, the alarm clock serves two purposes — First, it can tell the time and wake you up in the morning. Second, you can rest your phone on the clock. The wireless charging will juice it up completely by the morning. Sounds convenient, right? If the idea appeals to you, here are some of the best alarm clocks with wireless charging that you can buy in the UK.

Of course, your phone needs to support Qi Wireless charging for these gadgets to work properly. If you’re unsure whether your phone supports it, you can refer to your phone manufacturer’s website for details. The iPhone 8 and above models support wireless charging. Before we get to the chargers, here are some other articles you might want to take a look at –

Alright, let’s get to the alarm clocks.

1. Noklead Metal Alarm Clock

As the name suggests, this alarm clock has a metallic exterior except the wireless charging surface. It has a large LED display on the front showing the time and four brightness levels.

The Noklead Metal Alarm Clock is a generic-looking alarm clock that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles besides the wireless charging surface on the top. It’s good enough as a clock on your work desk or office since it won’t draw much attention.

There’s a large LED display on the front where you can see the time and upcoming alarms. You can snooze the alarm for up to 9 minutes by pressing on the top surface of the clock. Speaking of the top surface, this is where you find the wireless charging pad that can output a maximum of 10W.

If you’re looking for a small and inexpensive alarm clock with wireless charging, you can pick this up. We say this because you may face some issues with durability in the long run, but if you’re on a tight budget, there aren’t many options.

2. Wireless Charging Alarm Clock with Lamp

This is pretty much a do-it-all gadget that you should consider even if you’re not specifically looking for an alarm clock. Of course, it’s got the functionality of an alarm clock, but it also has five other unique things it can do, including wirelessly charging your phone.

While the first option looked like a standard alarm clock, this one’s far from it. Let’s first deal with the clock aspect. It has a standard LED display for the time information and some buttons on the side to set an alarm. On top of the clock is a night lamp that gives out a warm, diffused light that’s easy on the eyes. This is the center console with other peripherals attached to it.

First up, there’s a standard wireless charger right in front of the clock, which isn’t the best design choice since it can block …….

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