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Bike riding is a lot more than a method of getting around. In fact, there are a lot of bike fans that love to travel and discover new places on their bikes, such as highlands, lakeshores, riverfronts, and so on.

Additionally, many bikers have begun shooting videos and uploading them on YouTube. These bikers and content creators often travel alone and are outfitted with all sorts of gadgets to help them remain comfortable and safe throughout their adventures. You should know about some of them as they can make your rides more enjoyable as well. So here are the six cool gadgets to try for your next bike tour.

Bluetooth Helmets

Bluetooth helmets help you stay in touch with loved ones while on your ride.iStock

Firstly, you should consider getting a Bluetooth helmet! Staying in touch with loved ones is made possible by smart Bluetooth helmets, which connect to your phone via Bluetooth and enable you to talk to your loved ones very easily.

Many Bluetooth helmets have up to 9-channel capabilities, which allows you to call family members or other riders within a half-mile radius with just a simple Bluetooth connection.

Voice commands are also supported via specially designed Bluetooth helmets, making them the perfect gadget for bike lovers.

Who makes a good Bluetooth helmet? We would recommend Lival. The LIVALL EVO21 Smart Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Helmet comes with an auto sensor lighting with a 360° warning light, brake warning Light and turn signals for visibility from all directions. This Bluetooth helmet is available on Amazon for only $129.

LED Bike Pedals

LED Bike Pedals for your next night ride.Amazon

Using LED bike pedals increases your visibility by up to 57% and ensures your safety, especially if you love to go for rough terrain in terms of both short and long rides. Also, you should seriously consider getting LED bike pedals if you love going out for rides after sundown.

Depending on the type of bike you use, you can get LED bike pedals according to your convenience. Whether it is a kids bike or a bike used for adults, there are LED bike pedals for bikes of all shapes and sizes.

The LED bike pedals will increase your visibility while riding. They make you more visible by enhancing their organic motion. Thus, they are among the most practical bike accessories available.

Who makes good LED bike pedals: REDSHIFT ARCLIGHT Bicycle Pedals with LED Lights. These LED bike pedals feature Auto On-Off, 36+ hr Battery, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof, Flat Aluminum Bike Pedal with 9/16in Steel Spindle. They work on Ebike, City, Commuter, Hybrid, Road bikes. They are available on the company website and Amazon for $139.99.

Mini Bike Bag

Next up are mini bike bags! The mini bike bag is available in a variety of gorgeous color schemes and has enough room for your belongings when you go out riding. It is one of the cutest and most awesome gadgets that you can go for as a biker.

A top-notch handlebar mini bike bag is essential for every biker. Many mini bike bags have amazing exteriors that repel water, keeping your belongings dry and safe.</…….

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