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With the beginning of the holiday season, it is inevitable that more of our productive time will be spent at home. There are several ways to make it worth your time such as adopting new habits, starting to work out, or starting to read regularly. But in any type of free time scenario, the main purpose is to feel comfortable and receive high-quality results from whatever we are working on. 

Spending more time at home also means having enough time to catch up with all the movies and TV series that you’ve missed because of your busy schedule in the office. The good thing is, just like in everything, it is possible to receive the highest quality of fun and joy from anything you watch with a self-made home theater system, no matter how big or small your house is. To help you achieve the comfort you deserve in your free time, we listed all the products you need to build your home theater system and get the best out of your favorite movies and TV shows in the comfort of your own house. 

Source: Epson/Amazon

Epson appears to be one of the best gadgets for your home theater system as it will definitely bring fresh air to your setup with a screenless TV experience. Its short-thrown design makes it so easy to place it anywhere in your living space as it can project the perfect image even a few inches away from the wall. Moreover, it comes with a built-in Android TV which means you are one touch away from watching your favorite shows on HBO, Hulu, and many more. Epson Epiqvision is also able to provide the best sound quality as it is equipped with a custom-designed audiophile sound system. Lastly, EpiqVision has an elegant design that is a perfect fit for all kinds of decoration.  

Source: Sony/Amazon

If you prefer a good quality TV instead of a projector, you’re at the right place; and if you are asking which one stands out the most, it is most definitely Sony X900H 65” TV. With X900H you will never need a bigger screen or zoomed-in visuals because it is well-known for its ability to turn a room into a home theatre thanks to its tailored picture quality and cinema settings. It comes with a built-in Android TV and 4K video quality to bring you your favorite TV shows in crystal clear visuals and vivid colors. Also, Sony can support your PS5 or other game consoles for when you want to play games or do other activities that require high-quality visuals and sound. 

Source: Sony/Amazon

Sony HT-G700 is the perfect gear that will take less space but will give you the best sound quality even if your living room faces a street with loud noises. The soundbar is capable of adjusting the perfect ambiance you need depending on what you’re watching or listening to. The subwoofer that comes with it will provide you with a powerful bass sound on the side. It is also EARC-enabled to allow you to enjoy Dolby Atmos audio from your streaming providers. Just to make your job easier, it can be connected to your TV via Bluetooth or HDMI cable. Thanks to its +K HDR pass through you can route any video feed, including 4k ones, through …….

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