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Choosing the best mouse is easily as much of a minefield as choosing the best keyboard – more so, probably, as the population of pointing devices on the market seems to increase at the same rate as their small, furry namesakes.

Happen upon one that suits you, however, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Computer use becomes so much easier, as if a barrier has come crashing down. The mouse pointer on the screen becomes an extension of your arm instead of a hard-to-fathom abstraction. Whether you’re selecting paragraphs of text for editing, creating a digital painting, touching up photos, scoring headshot after headshot in Halo, or just choosing what to watch next in a streaming TV marathon, having the right mouse just makes things better.

Since its inception in the Sixities, the mouse has been a simple enough thing. A ball, a plastic body, some sort of electronics to capture the movement, some buttons and a cable. This all changed in 1991 with the Logitech mouseman cordless, which did away with the cable, and after that, all bets were off. Microsoft introduced the optical mouse in 1999, and since then we’ve seen the humble pointing device evolve in all sorts of ways. 

They now boast lasers, RGB lighting, adjustable weights, scroll wheels, more buttons than you have fingers, and even come in ambidextrous and ergonomic forms. In truth, there is no best mouse, but there are excellent candidates for particular use categories. Here are some of them.

How we tested

Put simply, we used each mouse for a variety of tasks, from office work to photo editing to a few games, putting them through their paces with a workload that tried to simulate how most people use their PCs.

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The best mice for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Logitech MX master 3: £69.80, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best gaming mouse – Corsair M65 RGB ultra wireless: £109.99, Corsair.com
  • Best wireless mouse – Razer pro click: £77, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best iPad mouse – Satechi aluminum M1: £35.12, Satechi.net
  • Best vertical mouse – Anker vertical ergonomic: £22.99, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best trackball – Logitech ergo M575: £44.99, Logitech.com
  • Best ambidextrous mouse – Razer viper 8K: £50.99, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best ergonomic mouse – Microsoft Bluetooth ergonomic mouse: £25, Amazon.co.uk

Logitech MX master 3

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

  • DPI: Up to 4,000
  • Interface: Bluetooth/2.4GHz
  • Buttons: 7
  • Right or left handed: Right
  • Features: Rehargable
  • Weight: 140G

The price of the master 3 may cause prospective purchasers to consider buying something cheaper, but trust us: this is the absolute tops for doing anything with a computer that’s not shooting machine guns or flying spaceships. And it’s not bad at those either. With eight buttons within easy reach, and the ability to tune their uses depending on which application you’re using via the reliable options software (Photoshop and Office are supported, though annoyingly not Lightroom), the master 3 is a noteworthy refinement of a line of mice that’s been going since 2015.

The master 3 keeps the same general humped shape and button positions that have been the mouse’s hallmarks …….

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