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Real estate agents spend more time in their cars and at their properties than in their offices, and that is just the nature of the job. Because so much business occurs on the road and away from your desk, it’s important to ensure that you have everything you need in your vehicle. Whether you’re meeting with a client, hosting an open house or curating content for social media, having the right tools will lead you to success.

With success in mind, investing in your business is the perfect place to start. While tools like MLSs and CRMs help build your business from the backend, there are certain items that can help your day-to-day business conduct go smoothly while you are out of your office and on the road. Whether you’re looking to host an open house, meet clients for an inspection or create content on-the-go, these eight gadgets are worth the investment.

Pocket printer 
Paperwork, especially in real estate, is inevitable. From closing documents to information about a listing, it is important for agents to be prepared at all times. But since you can’t always access a printer or scanner, having one ‘in your pocket’ can be very useful in many situations. Share printed listing photos with clients, offer lead gen forms on-the-go to potential clients or print out any documents that need to be reviewed, signed or shared with clients, colleagues and vendors with ease!

Ring light
As more and more agents turn to social media for their marketing strategies, investing in the right equipment to ensure the best content is crucial. A ring light is especially helpful for those agents and real estate pros looking to create quality video content. Simply set up your ring light in front of your smartphone, camera (or even your computer for your Zoom meetings with clients and colleagues) and see how much better you look on the screen!

Having a tripod to set up your camera or smartphone at any time can be a big help, from setting up your listing photo shots to preparing to create video content for your social media marketing campaigns. This can also be useful for shooting videos of a client appreciation event, community events, or even client testimonial videos to share with your sphere. Similar to the ring light, simply set it up, point and shoot—then collapse for easy storage.

More listings than ever include aerial shots of the property, neighborhood and even the town or city. Though some agents opt to hire a professional photographer, some take their own listing photos to save some money in their marketing budget. If you’re looking to enhance your listing photography, consider investing in your own drone. This can also be a good tool for filming community events. Before you invest and make plans for your drone, just be sure to check in with your local zoning office for rules and regulations.

Bluetooth speaker
Looking to hold an open house and expecting lots of potential buyers to show up? Maybe you are hosting a client appreciation event and want to make sure your attendees are entertained. As you set up your next event, consider adding ambiance to the experience with some music! Just be sure the choice in music is appropriate and at a low, comfortable volume. This can set you apart from other agents, ultimately gaining more clients and referrals.


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