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Gadgets Now Bureau07 Mar, 2022, 08:27AM IST

8 tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength on your smartphone



Many a time, the Wi-Fi signal strength on the smartphone gets weak and the connection also keeps breaking off when relying on a Wi-Fi router for the internet connection. If your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection is giving you trouble, here are 10 tips to make the Wi-Fi work better.


Start with basics: Restart your smartphone

You could try restarting the smartphone. Alternatively, you can also shut your phone down for the time you are asleep at night and then switch it on in the morning. This could be one way your Wi-Fi speed issue gets fixed.


​Start with basics: Restart your Wi-Fi router

Switch off your Wi-Fi router, unplug it and let it stay unplugged for 10-15 minutes at least. You can also shut it off for a few hours. Then restart it. You can try restarting both your smartphone and your router.


​Make sure there are not too many obstructions between your device and the router

Now, of course you cannot shift the whole wall but you can move some furniture or items away from in between the router and the smartphone to minimise the signal blockage. You can also try moving closer to the router or placing the router closer to where you usually use your phone. You can also place your router a bit higher for better signal strength.


​Forget and then add the Wi-Fi network again

Removing your saved Wi-Fi network and then adding it once again can also help to boost the Wi-Fi signal.


Remove the thick protective case of your smartphone

A thick protective cover can at times impede the Wi-Fi signal on your device. You can try removing it and then use the phone. However, we strongly advise you to employ this trick in the safe environs of your home where fall damage chances are minimal. You could also go for a lighter case to be on the safe side and kill two birds with one stone: protect your phone from physical damage and also get a more powerful Wi-Fi connection.


​Reset all settings in the smartphone

Resetting all the settings will …….

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