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It is inevitable for us to get help from our electronic devices for a more productive and efficient day. The more devices we use, the more energy we consume, which means it is a necessity to surround ourselves with solar-powered devices to save energy and protect the environment as much as we can.  Solar power is great for the environment; it is cost-effective and can enhance your fun for you and your family whenever you have the sunshine around. You might not be ready to power your house with solar power yet, but there are other ways you can use the benefits of sunshine throughout your day. 

We listed 9 solar-powered gadgets for you to enjoy sustainable technology at its best, enjoy your day in the most efficient way, and add another way to help you protect the environment.

Source: Lixada/Amazon

This solar-powered is around to charge your phone or tablet anywhere you want. The charger has a Monocrystalline silicon solar panel with a 20% higher photoelectric conversion rate, making it a really stable power source.

Lixada Solar Panel Charger is lightweight and portable; it’s 0.07 inches (2 mm) thick and may be attached to a variety of surfaces using suckers, hung from a hook, or tied to your backpack. It also includes an epoxy resin surface seal and a frosted panel to prevent scratches, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Source: JACKYLED/Amazon

Lighting around our house and garden does not have to be as energy-consuming as you think it is. JACKYLED outdoor solar porch light can absorb more sunshine during the day with a 5.5V 3.5W broader polycrystalline silicon solar panel. The LED solar light can be powered for up to 6-12 hours, running all night, thanks to the ultra-large 5500 mAh battery.

The solar-powered spotlight is brighter than others with a 120° illumination range and up to 1000 lumens. It is equipped with 48 extremely brilliant LED beads, and the LED lamp panel may be rotated horizontally to meet your illumination requirements from various angles. It is water-resistant which gives you the freedom to keep it outside anytime and any season.

Source: Viajero/Amazon

This solar fountain has a 4W solar panel and a 3000mAh battery that work together to offer continuous power and assure the pump’s steadiness throughout the day, whether it’s sunny or cloudy. It will offer your lawn everything it needs thanks to its high-quality and sturdy PET Laminated Solar panels, which are guaranteed not to deform and break with time. 

The solar fountain pump is intelligently engineered to switch off if there is no water or if the pump becomes blocked by debris, preventing it from idling and causing harm.

Source: Lucky Doug/Amazon

The sun powers this stem-building toy, so no batteries are required. Under direct sunlight, the robot can crawl, roll, and float, allowing youngsters to grasp the environmental concept of renewable technologies and renewable resources. Every piece of the robot is made of BPA-free, non-toxic, and skin-friendly ABS plastic to keep your children safe while promoting early childhood development and brain development. Kids can build more than 12 different types of robots by themselves and the options are endless as the robot comes in 190 pieces, teaching the kids how …….

Source: https://interestingengineering.com/9-solar-powered-gadgets-that-will-spoil-you-with-renewable-energy


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