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At home and business, the global stage has long since gone virtual. The majority of frequently used electronics include microwaves, stoves, laptops, washing machines, and cell phones. Modern technology does operate more quickly and simply.  

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The most common side effect of these gadgets is EMR (electromagnetic radiation), which is bound to come with every new technological advancement. Lights, ultraviolet light, radio waves, X-rays, infrared light, etc. all contribute to EMR. The AiresTech technology will help users avoid the long-term impacts and consequences of radiation brought on by electromagnetic radiation. 


Categories of AiresTech 

Lifetune Device, Lifetune Personal, Lifetune Mini or Pet, and Lifetune Room are the four categories into which AiresTech EMR safety devices are broken down. Some have the purpose of protecting a certain tool. Others are intended to watch over an entire room. 

Some physically affix to a wireless device, blocking radiation at the source. Others can be carried in one’s pocket and are made for personal protection against radiation. 

AiresTech Products are available in a variety of devices with the following features: 


Lifetune Device 

The Lifetune Device is the company’s main offering. The device lessens the radiation emitted by wireless routers, wireless earpieces, cordless phones, laptops, wireless headsets, baby monitors, smart TVs, and other devices. Like other EMR blocking systems, this one is attached to the device directly. When connected to a wireless device, the Lifetune Devices start to immediately stop all radiation’s harmful effects. 


Feature of Lifetune Device 

The instrument features a shield floor layer made of strong, resilient clean resin that shields the device from damage from the outside. 

  1. A microprocessor with 1,419,857 round resonators and 6.5 feet of the range offers a strong variety. 

  1. The chip is powered by two diverse resonator antennas that make use of the strength of ambient EMR. 

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