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Enlarge / Alienware AW720M.

Scharon Harding

Specs at a glance: Alienware AW720M
Sensor Optical (model not disclosed)
Connectivity options USB-C to USB-A cable, USB-C dongle, Bluetooth 5.1
Programmable buttons 8
Onboard profiles 1
Lighting 1x RGB zone
Size 4.93×2.43×1.49 inches
125.22×61.72×37.85 mm
Weight 3.14 ounces (89 g)
Warranty 2 years
Price (MSRP)  $150
Other perks Wireless extender

Lefties are dealt a tough hand when it comes to finding an advanced mouse. Mice are usually built for right hands, with any side buttons typically located on the mouse’s left side and curves that favor right thumbs. Lefties seeking a mouse with high functionality have few options—even fewer if they want a cable-free mouse.

Alienware’s AW720M ($150 MSRP as of writing) is the type of mouse that makes lefties rejoice. It’s truly ambidextrous, with side buttons on the left and right sides. It is also feature-filled, with the ability to connect to PCs via a wireless dongle, Bluetooth, or cable.

But beyond its flexibility, less exciting is its price and a smooth chassis that easily gets clammy.

Actually ambidextrous

Power users seeking an advanced mouse fit for their left hand have few, mostly ambidextrous, options. Wireless choices are even rarer. Many mice are faux ambidextrous, so they’re symmetrical but don’t have the same button layout on both sides. Lefties still have to push side buttons with their pinky and ring fingers. That’s what makes the AW720M so special. With two side buttons, each on the left and right sides, and a symmetrical shape, it’s truly ambidextrous. The world still favors righties, though, so out of the box, the AW720M’s side buttons don’t do anything. But once you download the Alienware Command Center app, you can program the right side buttons and, if you want, disable the left ones.

Scharon Harding

I’m a righty so was concerned about the left side’s buttons interfering with my ring and pinky fingers and distracting me. However, in my typical grip, a claw grip, my pinky didn’t make contact with any side buttons. My ring finger did, but the side buttons have enough resistance and travel to prevent me from accidentally pressing them.


Enlarge / Claw gripping the AW720M.

Scharon Harding

I was only mildly distracted by the button lightly pressing into my ring finger, and often, that finger ended up resting between the two side buttons. In fact, most of the time, I used one of the right side buttons as a sniper button while gaming, lowering the CPI (counts per inch; for more on this and other mouse-related terms, see our article on understanding PC mouse terms) instantly for a steady shot in some …….



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