Amazfit’s latest flagship smartwatch software update lets the GTR 3 Pro respond to notifications with “smart” SMS pre-sets –

The GTR 3. (Source: Amazfit)

Amazfit has announced a new software updated for its latest GTR 3/3 Pro and GTS 3 smartwatches. It functions to fix some pre-existing bugs in all 3 devices – however, in the case of the highest-end GTR 3 Pro, it also enables the user to set it to send SMS messages by itself in response to incoming calls or other events such as WhatsApp messages.

Amazfit has started on the latest installment of software support for its newest premium GT 3-series smartwatches. It is slated to show up as the firmware update for the GTS 3, or for the GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro. It is mostly rated to crush some bugs and impart some system stability; however, there is one special function for the line’s flagship.

The new software update also apparently fixes some issues with the GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro and GTS 3’s smart alarm settings, and also adds some new Bluetooth settings. However, the new smart reply features are exclusive to the GTR 3 Pro.

These new settings are rated to afford the user the option of responding to an incoming call on their paired smartphone with an SMS message right from the GTR 3 Pro rather than answering it. Therefore, they can let the caller know why they can’t pick up at that moment by pre-setting the message in question.

The feature upgrade can also apparently work in response to messages from services such as WhatsApp. It requires v.6.8.0. of the Zepp app (which goes on the companion device) in order to work.

The necessary software update has reportedly been detected in major markets such as the US, the UK, Italy, India and Vietnam to date, although Amazfit will presumably expand it to all regions in which the GT 3 series is active soon.

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