Amazon Echo versus Nest Audio versus HomePod Mini: Which smart speaker is for you? – CNN

When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon’s Echo, the Nest Audio from Google and Apple’s HomePod Mini are currently the three most popular models. When you distill their functionality down, they all do mostly the same thing — effortlessly allowing you to get answers, control your home, make phone calls and even play music — all by using your voice. They even cost the same at around $99.

However, these three small speakers have some noteworthy differences in terms of size, design and sound quality, and your experience with each one will vary based on which Apple, Google and Amazon products you already own.

Not sure which smart speaker is for you? We’ve tested the Echo, Nest Audio and HomePod Mini extensively, and are ready to help you make that decision.

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Smart assistant Alexa Google Assistant Siri
Smart home ecosystem Alexa Google Home HomeKit
Integrated smart home hub Zigbee N/A N/A
Bluetooth audio Yes Yes N/A
AirPlay 2 support N/A N/A Yes
Chromecast support