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(Pocket-lint) – Amazon will soon bring a new version of its standard Kindle to market, with pre-orders now open and shipping to begin on 12 October 2022.

Rakuten’s rival Kobo brand also recently introduced a new eBook reader, the Cara 2E, which will be available from 22 September.

Both have similar specifications, bar one or two differences. Here we explain what those are to help you make a choice between them.


Amazon Kindle vs Kobo Clara 2E design

  • Amazon Kindle (2022): 108.6 x 157.8 x 8.0mm, 158g
  • Kobo Clara 2E: 112.05 x 159.02 x 8.66mm, 171g


In terms of physical design, there seems to be very little to choose between the new Kindle and the Kobo Clara 2E.

They are similar sizes, with the front of each looking almost identical in shape. They also both come in black, although you can get a “denim” (blue) version of the Kindle as well.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Clara 2E design is that it the exterior is made almost entirely from recycled plastics (over 85 per cent), including around 10 per cent that were ocean-bound.

The Amazon Kindle has been crafted with the environment in mind too, having been built with 75 per cent recycled plastics and 99 per cent recycled magnesium (the black version, anyway – the denim one is 30 per cent recycled).

Both devices come in eco-friendly packaging too.

Amazon Kindle vs Kobo Clara 2E display

  • Amazon Kindle (2022): 6-inch glare-free display, 300ppi, front lit, dark mode
  • Kobo Clara 2E: 6-inch glare-free display, 300ppi, front lit, dark mode

The display on each of the eBook readers is also very similar.

Both feature 6-inch touchscreens with 300 pixels-per-inch (ppi). That results in a sharp, clear presentation on each.

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