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AirTags are created to function like smart trackers. These coin-shaped item trackers made by Apple can be integrated with the Find My network and it will help you locate your stuff. 

AirTags utilize Bluetooth to connect to other devices on the Find My Network. To make this work, a device must be within the Bluetooth range of the missing AirTag. An AirTag can connect with any device running on at least iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, or macOS Big Sur 11.1, as per Gadget Hacks.

You can get an AirTag for $29 as a standalone device or in packs of four for $99. Perhaps now you only need one, but you might want to grab the better deal as there are several ways for you to use Apple’s new smart trackers.

(Photo : Daniel Romero via Unsplash)

1. Use it to Locate Your Apple TV remote

One of the items that can be easily lost is a TV remote. This is particularly true for for the Apple TV remote since it is quite small. Now, you might consider attaching an AirTag to your Apple TV remote.

In case you misplace or lose your Apple TV remote, all you have to do is use your iPhone or iPad to track it down.

2. Use it to Track Your Glasses

If you are already using glasses, you can easily lose it. Here’s an advise from 9to5Google, attach a strap to you glasses where you can place the Apple AirTag. There are available product in the market for the said function. Most of these glasses strap are light weight and adjustable.

Next time you cannot find your glasses, you can simply use your Apple gadgets to easily locate it.

3. Use it as an Underwater Item Locators

AirTag is IP67-rated for water resistance. No, it’s not waterproof, but it does give you some time to locate an item that falls underwater. AirTag will continue to work at a “maximum depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes,” according to Gadget Hacks.

With this, you should consider attaching an AirTag to important items that you need to carry with you when you go boating, or swimming. An AirTag might be the one to get you back your items. 

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4. Use it as an Anti-Theft Trackers for Your Bike

You usually carry a lock or chain when you take your bike out of town. While the purpose of these lock and chain is to keep your bike safe, there are still instances when the theft managed to work around these safety tools.

You might consider adding a little extra security to your bicycle while you left it unattended. Consider putting an AirTag somewhere that’s not easily seen. Through this, if ever your bike is stolen, you can simply track the AirTag to find your bike.

5. Use it as a Parked Car Locators

As ironic as it sounds, you are capable of misplacing an item as big as your car. It is easy to misplace your car in a big parking lot with hundreds of other cars parked.

To solve this problem, you can simply use an AirTag attached to your car. Then, let your iPhone find your car for you.

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