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eing forgetful might not seem like one of the worst problems in the world to be lumbered with; indeed most of us have our absentminded moments from time to time, whether its failing to remember where you put your keys, or suddenly realising you didn’t make a mental note of where you parked at Bluewater – it can happen to any of us!

However, when it comes to safeguarding personal property such as keys, passports, cars and even kids against the effects of your own partial amnesia, applying a little bit of tech can make your life so very much easier.

I speak, of course, of tech trackers – small fobs that harness the power of Bluetooth and the satellites that swirl above out heads to keep an ever-watchful eye over the things we hold dear. Naturally, the biggest and most famous names in this arena are Apple’s AirTag and the Tile Pro from, well Tile. These two most powerful iterations of the Bluetooth tracker are both blessed with epic range, the ability to work in the wet, and to pinpoint your possessions with unerring accuracy.


But in life there are no prizes simply for taking part and, as much as we may like both of them, everything eventually boils down to this one question: which one is the best?

And the only person who can answer that is a toughened tech journalist with countless years of gadget-reviewing tours of duty stashed firmly under their belt, an expert not afraid to call it as they see it, a true veteran of tech testing respected for their opinion by both their journo peers and even the tech manufacturers they judge themselves.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t available, so you’ve got me instead.

But don’t you worry, for ‘Opinion-Haver’ is what it states on my business card and, trust me, when it comes to misplacing stuff, I truly have a memory to rival one of those thingies with lots of holes in…


First impressions

Look, whilst gadgets should generally be judged on what they do and how good they are at doing it, there’s no denying that things all got a bit ‘visual’ back when Apple first wheeled out it’s beautifully minimalist iPod way back in 2001. Suddenly, consumer tech companies across the globe realised they had to up the ante in the aesthetics department to stand any chance of competing in a market where Apple had instantly given itself a comfortably large lead. And thus it remains today, alongside packaging that’s inviting and eco-friendly, today’s tech is as much sold on its slick exterior design as it the techie goodness inside.

So, with that in mind, we turn first to the Apple AirTag. It’s round like a coin and finished in always-appealing minimalist stainless steel and white. In summary, then, it’s a distinctly Apple product; and while that may be nothing ground-breaking in terms of Apple design, it still means that it’s imbued with the same effortless supermodel sex-appeal that sees punters queuing round the block whenever another fresh product is due to fall from the Apple tree. All of which means that the AirTag is a solid 10. And it’s going to be hard to follow that.


But we do follow that – with the Tile …….



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