Apple may have plans for a gaming controller – Times of India

Apple could be planning to launch its own game controller, if we factor in the recent patents filed by the tech giant. As per a report by Patently Apple, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth has been granted patents about different types of controllers by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office, the application with the latter one being the most recent. In the patent application, three styles of game controllers have been discussed.
Coming to the first style illustrated in the patent, Apple has considered a controller which can be attached to the two sides of a device like iPhone or iPad, both in the portrait and the landscape mode. So, the controller can be detached into two parts which can then be attached to either side of the iPhone or iPad for the gaming sessions.
As for the second type of controller displayed, it will be purely for the iPhone. Its design is a foldable one, with the buttons inside. Also, the foldable case would feature a mini built-in display to perhaps accommodate a touch-based keypad or to display important information like the health of your character in the game, text message and/or email notifications, requests from other players in multiplayer, etc.
The third and the last type of game controller described in the patent has a joystick-like design with a slidable switch to enable the gaming mode on the device, answer a call or respond to text messages and email while gaming. This type of controller would most likely work with all the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and Mac with a Bluetooth connection.



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