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Some of our favorite tech gadgets come from Apple, but there are always things we wish they’d make. Today we’re exploring some of our favorite ideas and concepts we want to see Apple take on, including those rumored to be in the works. Read on to find out what kind of gadgets are on our Apple wish list.

Apple is well known for making innovative, premium-grade products. While computers, tablets, and smartphones are their top-selling devices, it’s been clear over the past several years that Apple is looking for new ways to not only step up its game but even step outside its comfort zone too. For Apple brand fans, this is a plus because even if they unveil a product you don’t care for, there’s a good chance something else you’ll like is around the corner. But despite how many great products Apple currently offers, there are plenty we wish to see them consider if not actually make. Here’s our wish list of things we’d love Apple to produce, along with some they’re rumored to have in the works.

Apple CEO Tim Cook during a product announcement

Apple Barista: a coffee maker with app support, Siri voice control, and a music speaker.

Does an Apple-crafted coffee maker really sound that far-fetched? Apple gadgets like iPhones and MacBooks are frequently being photographed alongside coffees, inside of cafes, and at times seem almost synonymous with brands like Starbucks. What better way to embrace this common association than with an Apple-made coffee maker?

Imagine being able to activate it and schedule wake-up times right from your iPhone. How about brewing a cup with a simple Siri-powered voice command? Heck, maybe built-in speakers will even play the latest cafe playlist while it prepares a delicious cappuccino. Add the option of an Ember-like smart mug and you’ve got exactly what coffee-loving Apple fanatics have been waiting for. Oh and if you’re reading this, Tim Cook, we’ll be severely disappointed if you don’t call it the Apple Barista!

A coffee maker on a home countertop

Apple TV: an official display with well-rounded specs, premium hardware, and smart functions.

Apple already has its Apple TV device that plugs into just about any TV with an HDMI port, but what about an actual Apple television? While Apple isn’t a stranger to display technology, it has yet to make a TV. However, after seeing its recent Studio Display (made to partner with the new Mac Studio), it’s even more exciting to consider what a straightforward Apple display for our living rooms might look like.

What we hope to see in an Apple TV is the latest cutting-edge display specs along with Apple’s signature hardware styles. Siri voice control and other smart TV functions will be a must. And, of course, we’ll assume Apple might even throw in a few extra months of free Apple TV subscription streaming with purchases. Honestly, though, we know we’re preaching to the choir on this one since most Apple fans have this on their wish lists.

A smart TV in a living space

Apple Soundbar: a soundbar with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos, plus HomePod-like voice control.

Apple’s certainly no stranger to audio technology, given its products ranging from iPods to AirPods and more. An Apple …….



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