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While technology is constantly evolving, we have also been constantly warned about the perils and health hazards associated with modern technology and digital fads. One of the commonest ones being the health risks associated with the usage of Bluetooth headphones.

There have been numerous reports and claims that suggest that prolonged usage of Bluetooth headphones could be scarily bad for your brain health, and may even act as a source of cancer. But is there any truth to the matter?

Are Bluetooth headsets and headphones really unsafe for use? We decode the truth…

Do Bluetooth headphones pose a risk?

Some claims circulating on the internet, researched by experts suggest that Bluetooth headsets and tiny headphones may pump radiation in the brain and potentially cause cancer, which can be concerning. Experts also debate that since headphones are usually placed close, deep in the ear, vital tissues are exposed to higher-level radio frequencies.

Over the years, researchers have also raised that the Bluetooth headsets make use of non-ionizing electromagnetic field technology, which raises serious health concerns. Petitions have also been sent to the WHO, backed by many credible researchers from different countries.

Some have also gone far as to suggest that long-duration usage of such devices and gadgets, during pregnancy could cause harmful effects, including a higher than usual risk of pregnancy loss and women giving birth to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Tinnitus, increased brain tumour risks also exist.

However, all may be not so true. While Bluetooth devices and headsets do emit radiation, we do not have long-term evidence available on the actual dangers of the same. Most research appears to focus on exposure to high-level nonionizing radiation to date. Some have also said that while Bluetooth devices work according to the permissible limit, the radio waves don’t really sit inside the ear canal, and hence, may not be as hazardous as it is claimed to be.

As per information listed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), non-ionizing radiation spread via such gizmos could only be potentially harmful when a person is directly in contact with them, for intense durations.

The exposure and radiation from such devices also depend heavily upon the usage. More so, it is also seldom debated that the radiation emitted by the headphones are much lower when compared to gadgets such as mobile phones, which are used more frequently, and for prolonged times.

Thus, while there continues to be growing evidence surrounding the apparent dangers of the usage of Bluetooth headsets and other such gadgets, there’s also a great divide between researchers on the same.

What other concerns and health risks can Bluetooth usage cause?

Apart from the risks talked about non-ionizing EMR, some scientists do suggest that underlying risks and side-effects may be more dangerous. For example, some small studies have indicated that apart from increased cancer risk, excessive radiation and EMR can also cause many types of neurological disorders and DNA damage as well. However, since this is under study, we will need more research on a large scale to confirm the findings and potential dangers.

Should you use them?

Do remember that the health hazards from Bluetooth devices and other specific radiation-emitting devices are under scientific evidence and thus, the data we currently have is inconclusive.

That being said, the radiation and EMT waves that come off via heavy cellphone …….



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