AVA next-gen portable monitor requires no pairing or Bluetooth and has a 66-foot range – Gadget Flow

Give yourself a second display without the hassle of cords or pairing: the AVA next-gen portable monitor. This incredible gadget boasts a 66-foot—or 20-meter—connectivity range, and it doesn’t need Bluetooth or another pairing method to set up. Boasting 4K quality, this wireless secondary display is the portable touchscreen you need to get more done wherever you go. With zero latency whatsoever and Bluetooth-less touchback, it also has built-in 5G mm-Wave for extremely fast wirelessHD transmission. Furthermore, it delivers lossless video quality and has an ultralight weight for easy portability. You haven’t seen another portable monitor like this one, that’s for sure. Compatible with Samsung DeX, Mac, Windows, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox and more, it has a plug-and-play design for use wherever, whenever you want.

Source: https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/ava-next-gen-portable-monitor-requires-no-pairing-or-bluetooth-has-66foot-range/


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