Baggage Chaos Is Getting So Bad Flyers Are Turning to Tracking Devices – Bloomberg

Cory Prenatt’s retirement celebrations didn’t go as planned. Rather than enjoying playing golf with his friends at famous Open courses around the UK, the 47-year-old ended up traipsing across the country trying to locate his bags after they got lost on the journey over from the US. 

Prenatt, from Tampa Bay, Florida, had attached Apple Inc. devices called AirTags to his golf bag and other luggage to track where they were after checking in for his flight. Upon landing in the UK, he saw his bags were still stuck on the tarmac at Newark airport, where they remained for two days. His luggage was eventually sent to a warehouse in Edinburgh, but while driving there to pick it up, he noticed that his clubs were already headed to Aberdeen. His AirTag showed they finally ended up in the West Midlands in England. 



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