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ith all the advances in technology, radio may seem old-school by comparison. But in much the same way as all other devices in our digital world, they have evolved with us with DAB radio at the forefront.

With DAB radio we can listen to our favourite tunes, stay on top of the news, and keep up with our favourite podcasts and shows – and most importantly, screen-free.

What is DAB?

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital and high-definition radio service where analog audio is converted into digital signal. In simple terms, it provides high-quality and clearer sound than FM radio and a big bonus – you don’t need to tune so it’s you can get listening directly after unboxing.

What is DAB+?

DAB+ is the next step up from DAB. It’s more efficient, with even clearer sound and broadcasts more stations so offers a better selection. Most DAB radios also come with DAB+.


How to choose the best DAB radio?

There are several things to consider when choosing the best DAB radio for you and it is important to read up on the specifications of each product and be informed.

Size and weight are something to look at – you may want a petite one to have on the side that will not take up too much space, or a lightweight one which is easier to carry around on the move. This brings me to portability. DAB radios comes wired or wireless – plug into the mains or to use with battery power. The latter makes the device great for taking out and about with you, especially in the summer months to parks and gardens.

Check also to see if the radio has Bluetooth connectivity. this gives the additional option to link up your smart device to the speaker and play music/podcasts through it. Some radios also have built-in charging features so your devices can keep fuelled all day long. Other features include alarms and timers, display options and preset stations.

See our pick of the best DAB radios to buy now

John Lewis Anyday Spectrum Solo Portable DAB+/FM Digital Radio

John Lewis

Choose from vibrant mustard, teal or gunmetal grey and this modern DAB+ and FM radio will add a flair of fun and instant colour around your home.

John Lewis’ own-brand Anyday has created this simple and affordable yet stylish radio, with thousands of stations to flick between and includes five presets to bookmark your favourites. All that packed into a super lightweight design – at 350g.

Pop in some batteries and make it portable, perfect for your summer picnics at the park, or al fresco evening drinks in the garden. You can even plug headphones into the back if others need peace and quiet.

Buy now £40, John Lewis

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Roberts Revival Uno BT Radio


Robert’s popular retro-style DAB radio has had an upgrade with added Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music …….



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