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here is nothing quite like the feel and smell of an actual paperback book. But eReaders are lightweight, have long battery life and offer access to thousands of books, magazines and audiobooks all in one small package, making them the perfect accessory for readers of all ages.

E-readers have been designed with one purpose in mind, and that’s reading. That means they don’t have the fancy features that you come to expect with a tablet. However, hi-res screens, comfort lighting and waterproofing have all become standard when it comes to e-readers.

Why not just read books on your tablet or smartphone?

Both Amazon and Kobo have iOS and Android apps that allow you to read your downloads via a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Whilst these are handy for when you leave your e-reader at home, for regular reading an e-reader will significantly improve the experience. These devices have been designed specifically for the consumption of books and e-ink screens are low power and offer a paper-like display. These monochromatic screens show clear sharp text and can reduce your risk of eyestrain and blue light consumption, which is particularly useful if you like to read before bed.

E-reader also protect you from the distractions that come with tablets and smartphones, such as notifications or quickly checking social media or email instead of getting stuck into your book.


What to look for in an e-reader

Whether you’re looking for a budget e-reader or would prefer a premium offering stuffed full of features, there are plenty to choose from.

When it comes to finding your perfect one, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The screen and lighting: Reading on e-ink screens, you’ll want to make sure the text displayed is clear and crisp. It’s best to choose an e-reader with at least 300ppi resolution, anything less, and the text and images may be hard to read.

Most modern e-readers have built-in lighting allowing you to easily devour your current book in the dark or conditions such as bright sunshine. They don’t tend to have a backlight. Instead, the lighting goes from edge to edge and illuminates the entire screen. Many models have different lighting settings, such as Kobo with its patented ComfortLight Pro system that means the backlight goes from blue to yellow to mimic the sun’s natural progression. This means that no matter when you pick up your e-reader, the screen will automatically display the optimum lighting for that time period.

Storage: eBook files are not large so you can add thousands of books on even the smallest storage option. However, if you enjoy audiobooks then it’s best to choose a model with higher GB as they are can quickly eat up your storage.

Battery life: It’s measured in weeks rather than hours when it comes to battery life with e-readers. This is because the e-ink display has an extremely low power consumption. If you’re looking at getting one that does extras such as playing audiobooks or taking notes, the battery life won’t be as good as if you were just using it to read books. So try to choose one with a battery life that suits your needs.

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