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We make our lives more effortless by filling our homes with cool gadgets, so perhaps it’s time to give the kids a turn. From child-friendly tech including tablets and speakers to keep them occupied on a rainy day, to STEM toys and robotics for the budding engineers, there’s a kids’ gadget for all hobbies and interests. There’s a lot of self-interest involved too as choosing the right kids’ gadget for your child can result in a peaceful afternoon as they’re kept busy and entertained. So treat them, and yourself.

Whether your little one is passionate for the outdoors, a coder in the making or the next Phil Collins, find a kids’ gadget in our list to help fuel their passion.

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Best gadgets for kids 2022

Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope (ages 3-7)

A kids’ gadget for curious minds and budding scientists, this children’s microscope lets kids investigate whatever they’ve come across, whether it’s a garden flower or a shell from the beach.

Designed for pre-schoolers, the large dual eye piece lets children view their findings with both eyes open, so it’s much easier for children to use. There’s a large dial so kids can adjust the focus, and with eight times magnification they can zoom in on their latest discoveries and have fun exploring their natural surrounding. Don’t forget to pick up three AAA batteries.

Yoto Player (ages 3-8)

If you don’t look forward to a nightly theatrical performance of the same bedtime story, find a gadget that reads kids’ stories for you. The Yoto Player is a child-friendly audio player that works with story cards, so your children can drift off listening to their favourite tales. You can buy the cards separately – making future Christmas and birthday presents a breeze – and they simply slot into the cute cube.

This particular Yoto Player set comes with The Gruffalo and Friends Pack which includes six of popular author Julia Donaldson’s stories, so you can get the story card collection off to a good start when gifting this gadget.

The screen-free device features a colourful and sweet pixel display, and there’s a night-light mode for evenings. This lovely kids’ gadget is also free of adverts, microphones and cameras, so you can leave it in their room with peace of mind.

Toy DJ mixer (ages 6+)

Let your little one raise the roof at their next birthday party with this funky DJ mixer set for kids. Featuring a microphone, speaker and music-syncing light effects, this kids’ gadget is sure to get the party started. Kids can record their own sounds and there are 15 different tracks, so there are plenty of sounds to play around with. There’s even a turntable for wannabe DJs to have a go at spinning the decks.

You can play music from a phone through Bluetooth connection too so you don’t necessarily have to listen to your children’s musical creations for the whole party.

Amazon Fire 8 kids tablet (ages 3-7)

While we attempt to get the right balance when it comes to children’s screen time, it’s of course very appealing to have a movie-playing device to hand for long car journeys and late …….



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