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Owning great audio gadgets is always essential, not only to blast out some groovy music at your parties but also for those days when you want to sing along to your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs, in the privacy of your room! Whatever may be the requirement, having a clear, distortion-free, handy, and interactive set of audio devices is necessary. There are a lot of innovative designs out there in the market, so picking the right one that meets all your needs can be a task, especially since we all tend to have different audio requirements. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of functional, creative, and exciting audio devices for you! From “invisible” headphones that beam sound directly into your ears, to a stereo system that looks like minimalist art – these modern audio devices are all you need for the ultimate immersive audio experience at home. Enjoy!

1. The N1

The N1 can project sound waves at a certain amplitude or loudness, but it can also decide how loud the audio remains over a certain distance. By doing this, it can make the sound waves traveling to your ear loud, but make them soft the minute they cross your ear. Mounted on the top of the N1 are two cameras that track your face, locating the placement of your ears. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, a thick beard, glasses, or even a face mask… the device can beam audio to your ears in real-time. This is vastly different from a set of headphones, because you’re not really wearing any headphones on your head, and you can still hear the world around you…and it’s vastly different from a speaker because A. It provides a private audio experience and B. It still delivers stereo sound, ensuring the left and right audio channels reach your left and right ears.

2. The Trenbader Artlink

The Trenbader Artlink is a beautiful vintage-style wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes with a built-in radio too. On the inside, the Artlink sports a full-range transducer along with a high-quality passive subwoofer, all packaged in a wooden cabinet that provides rich, distortion-free audio with crisp highs and deep lows. Two knurled knobs on the top let you switch between modes (Bluetooth, Aux, AM, FM, Mic, and Off) and control the volume, while a third dial located on the left lets you set the frequency on the AM/FM radio. The speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 that allows for connections as far as 33 feet, and if you’re in the mood to go wired, there’s an Aux input too.

3. The NW-WM1ZM2

The NW-WM1ZM2 is Sony’s latest Walkman audio-playing device targeted towards high-definition music lovers. The tiny device comes with a design that mimics its 2016 predecessor (the WM1Z) and is coated in real gold, a material that doesn’t simply hint at luxury but also does a hat-tip to the use of gold-plating found in high-end audio hardware. The device sports a 5-inch touchscreen that runs Android 11, allowing you to stream music and podcasts from your favorite services, although where it truly shines is in lossless playback, brought about by transferring lossless music onto the device through your PC. Oh, and yes, it comes with an audio jack.

4. Bang & Olufsen subwoofer

The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 19 wireless subwoofer delivers and carries sound around rooms …….



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