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ears of studying, exams and endless extra-curricular activities are finally about to pay off as you make your way into the higher education of your dreams.

Naturally, the prospect of university is both an exciting and daunting one – you’ll make new friends, navigate your way around a brand new city and be independent for the first time.

Of course, before all of that comes the most important thing: packing. We’ve rounded up all the essential tech gadgets that you’ll need as you embark on your journey into adulthood.

From good value, student-friendly laptops and tablets to kitchen utensils such as air fryers and smoothie makers, we’ve got your shopping list covered. Make sure you check out our top recommended student cookbooks for endless recipe ideas.

Alongside tech wizardry, you’ll also need the basic stuff. We’ve compiled our best picks of student bedding, bedroom accessories, budget laptops and an overall packlist featuring all the vital bits and bobs (you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget about toilet-roll!).


Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2


Since the release of the original Microsoft Surface Laptop Go in 2020, hybrid tablet laptops have caused quite a stir in the tech world and are particularly great for students. Microsoft’s latest release comes with all the features you would expect, plus a few extras, making this a great purchase for those needing something to use on the go that won’t blow the budget.

For those after something lightweight, it doesn’t get better than this as the whole device weighs a mere 1127g. Alongside its feather light feel, it’s incredibly slim and is generally a lot more compact than other models

The 12.4 inch display is slightly smaller than other models and makes it feel more tablet-like, but is fine if you need it on call for entertainment, light gaming and essay writing.

When it comes to everyday use, this laptop comes close to perfection. It has a vibrant display, colour contrast and higher resolution than similar models, so it’s ideal for streaming and social media scrolling.

Buy now £529, Microsoft

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Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner


Note taking and revision can be time consuming – it can take hours to copy passages from textbooks or lecture slides, and that’s before you’ve even started learning the content.

This is now a thing of the past thanks to Scanmarker, an electronic highlighter that can scan up to 3000 characters per minute. Slide the pen across lines of printed text and it immediately appears on screen. We were impressed by the translation feature – it can instantly translate written text into 40 languages as well as read text out loud in real-time whilst scanning.

As small as a normal highlighter, it’s incredibly portable, compatible with all devices and comes with a handy charging cable for when you’re on the go.

Buy now £108, Amazon<template type="…….



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