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Your home office is your sanctuary, or at least it should be. Make it a space you enjoy returning to every day with any of these cool workspace gadgets.

Whether you work from home full time or run a side business on the weekends, you want your home office to feel like it’s yours. So today we’re highlighting some of the best home office gadgets that can help personalize your space and make it work better for you.

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For instance, you can ensure your video calls can have a professional look with minimal setup and hassle when you go for a desktop PC that’s designed for the purpose, like the HP EliteOne 800 G9 AiO.

And you’ll want to elevate your monitor to a height that keeps your neck happy. Thankfully, the Vaydeer Monitor stand does that and charges your devices wirelessly or via USB ports.

Work comfortably and stay productive at home with the gadgets below.

1. The HP EliteOne 800 G9 AiO Desktop PC looks great in your home office and enhances your video conferences with HP Presence.

HP EliteOne 800 G9 AiO Desktop PC in use

Improve your virtual meetings with the HP EliteOne 800 G9 AiO Desktop PC. Its flat panel design has a futuristic look, while the 5 MP HP Auto Frame camera, dynamic voice leveling, and AI noise reduction ensure you always look and sound your best.

This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA.

2. The AnkerWork B600 all-in-one video bar has a camera, microphones, a light bar, and more, adding a studio to your desktop.

AnkerWork B600 on a monitor

Is your desk covered with videoconferencing gadgets? Replace them with the AnkerWork B600 all-in-one video bar. This sleek bar adds a 2K camera, 4 microphones, lighting, and integrated speakers to the top of your monitor.

Get it for $219.99 on the official website.

3. The Pure Forms The Desk Lamp series adapts to your space, helping you work efficiently at the computer or study documents and books.

Pure Forms The Desk Lamp on a table

Don’t forget about office lighting. The Pure Forms The Desk Lamp series features a smooth, industrial design in 2 models. The Task Light version keeps the light focused in a specific area for concentrated work. Meanwhile, the Webcam Light offers glare-free, flattering illumination for computer work.

Preorder it for $359 on Kickstarter.

4. The Yealink BH76 & BH72 Bluetooth wireless headsets enhance collaboration, keeping conversations crystal clear and focused.

Yealink headset on a man

The Yealink BH76 & BH72 Bluetooth wireless headsets made our list of the best home office gadgets for personal workspaces because they transition between office and personal use so well. They make communicating remotely simple, and you can customize what you hear with ANC and a transparent mode.

These headphones …….



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