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irthday celebration around the corner? Have an aspiring pop star in the house who needs an upgrade to singing in front of the mirror, hairbrush in hand? Or want to take your next dinner party to the next level? It’s time to invest in your own karaoke machine and really get the party started.

Karaoke is a great way to bring friends and family of all ages together, let your inhibitions go and have some hilarious footage to scroll through the next day. Singing can increase your endorphins, improving your mood and mental stimulation, and with karaoke, it doesn’t matter whether or not you can hit the high notes. So forget any embarrassment, gather your loved ones and channel your inner Adele, Elton John, Beyonce and Elvis.

Still a fixture in Japanese culture to this day, the origins of the karaoke machine dates back to the Land of the Rising Sun where the first prototype was created by Shigeichi Negishi in 1967, but it was really in snack bars and with more progressive technology where the popularity grew.


What to consider when choosing a karaoke machine?

Style: Looking for a machine that is compact and portable and ready to take your Saturday night drinks? Or after something a little more sturdy, maybe even on a stand to leave in your living room? Think about the size and style of your karaoke machine when browsing and your storage options.

Microphones: Most machines come with at least one microphone, easy to plug into the input socket, or wireless. But for all those duet moments, it may be worth finding a machine which has a second microphone, or the option to plug in or connect an extra one if purchased additionally.

Speakers: Sound quality is key – if you’re belting it out tune after tune, you’re going to want the speakers to be decent. Some machines have built-in speakers which are super convenient, others need to be synced up with one separately either via Bluetooth or a cable.

Screen: Where the lyrics are displayed is pretty important – you may know some off by heart (queue every single from Abba) but having the words in front of you will make you feel more confident and ensure you keep in time. Some karaoke machines have built-in screens, while others can be connected up to your TV or smartphone to display the lyrics.

Special effects: This is the fun part! Check out some of the special features that karaoke machines can have – from tweaking your vocals with an echoey effect or adding an autotune option to make you sound perfectly in key (no matter how many wines down you are). They may even have flashing lights or sound effects to create the ultimate party vibe.

Shop the best karaoke machines below and get ready to sing your heart out…


Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

Lucky Voice

Transform your living room into a karaoke bar with this slick, professional-looking set from Lucky Voice. Set-up is easy – simply connect the black compact mixer to your laptop, iPad or TV using the AUX cable, sync up your own speakers, plug in the jazzy chrome gold microphone and get singing.

There are more than 10,000 …….



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