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nce the hallmark of popularity at school during the Noughties, owning the latest MP3 player gave you instant coolness and credibility.

However, with the rise in smartphones and the phasing out of popular portable music players such as Apple’s iPod range (RIP) came the demise of the MP3 player.

Until now.

Today, there is a new era of high quality portable music players that put our 2000s MP3 to shame and, despite all owning smartphones, there are many reasons why we would still want these mini music gadgets.


Whether it’s because you want to save memory or battery on your smartphone, or you’re after top-quality sound on the go, MP3 players are making a comeback.

There are three things to consider when shopping for a MP3 player.

  • Storage: Consider how many audio files you’ll be uploading onto your MP3 player as this should dictate the storage size. If you’re unsure, or have an ever growing music library, then look for MP3 players with expandable storage (usually those with  a built-in microSD card).
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity is an absolute must for MP3 players if you’re planning on connecting wireless headphones to it. If you tend to listen to music on a streaming service such as Spotify, consider Wi-Fi enabled MP3 players which allow you to download those apps.
  • Hardware: If you’re investing in a MP3 player for improved audio quality while you’re out and about then pay close attention if the music player comes with an advanced DAC (digital to analog converter). However, even if it doesn’t, the sound quality is likely to be better than your smartphone as MP3 players come with built-in audio jacks.

Now you know what to look for, shop below the best MP3 players below – we guarantee there’s something to suit every need and budget out there.


Sony Walkman 4GB MP3 Player – Blue


Best for: battery life

Do not be fooled by the small size of this product. Although it weighs a mere 28g and is only nine centimetres long, it boasts a number of great features. Not only does it have an 18 hour battery life, but if you’re short on time, then a three minute charge will give you a massive 90 minutes of music listening.

With 4GB of space, this MP3 player stores up to 900 songs and allows your music library to be accessible on your laptop via the built-in USB. The bass booster is also great for those looking to enhance sound quality.

Buy now £39.99, Argos

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Astell & Kern A&Norma SR25 MKII Audio Player


Best for: incredible sound quality

Dubbed as “the pocket powerhouse”, this MP3 speaker features advanced audio design technology, which makes the sound quality exceptional. With a Quad-Core processor and top-quality Dual Cirrus Logic DAC, …….



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