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In this post I’m going to share all of the power-saving tips I can think of, that apply to smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless earbuds, cameras, and similar devices anyways. Basically any type of modern device that uses a battery.

Most people understandably don’t have the time to try and look up and filter through all of the tips out there, so I decided to include the top tips I’ve discovered over the years in a single post. These will help you squeeze more usage out of every charge of your devices, as well as prolong your batteries lifespan. Considering most batteries are relatively expensive to replace, especially in many modern smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds (if not impossible), preserving them as much as possible is key to making your purchases worthwhile.

One thing many people likely didn’t think much about (before the climate crisis anyways) is where their energy comes from, and the effects those sources have on our planet. I know that I didn’t and am admittedly not an expert when it comes to energy, even if many of the areas I study in are directly related to it. As people try and save more power by buying more energy efficent gadgets and appliances, one other huge factor to consider is how to preserve and utilize the power these devices still use and the power their other less-efficient devices use.

Something to keep in mind here: If you only need to recharge your devices half as often, you only use half the energy! So, doing what you can to preserve power and extend the life of your batteries can go a very long way in reducing your total energy usage ‘footprint’, in addition to reducing your electricity bills. A real win-win!

My arugment it that if a little research and preperation can extend the life of my batteries even two times longer than they would otherwise last, the few minutes it takes to learn a bit more about them and prepare are well worth the time spent.

Photo by De An Sun on Unsplash

This first tip, which I started practicing with all of my battery-powered devices the day I learned about it, is to keep your devices that use li-ion batteries (short for lithium-ion) …….



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