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Amazon Prime Day

is the Super Bowl of sales events for deals enthusiasts, even going so far as to give the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday a run for their money. While it’s a great time to stock up on teeth whitening strips, Apple AirPods, or smart home gadgets, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get the latest sporting goods at a fraction of their typical cost — and this is especially true for golf gear. 

For Prime Day 2022, Amazon is readying a host of golf equipment discounts on things like range finders, golf balls, tools, and other accessories including


speakers and ball retrievers. The sale runs from 3 a.m. EDT on July 12 through the end of July 13, so you’ll be able to take advantage of these huge deals for two full days. 

Amazon’s not the only one getting in on the discount fun, too, as we may see a few competing sales from retailers like Walmart and Target. So, if Amazon doesn’t have the set of golf balls you enjoy playing with, it doesn’t hurt to shop around before settling on your second (or third) choice.

If you’re keen on scoring a deal in the lead-up to Amazon

Prime Day

2022, the online retailer does have a few early sales that are live right now. These include discounts on gloves, golf club brushes, and practice mats, among several others. To help, we’ve rounded up a few of the best early deals we’ve seen below. 

Here are the best early Prime Day golf deals available now:

It’s important to take good care of your golf clubs and the Xintan Tiger Golf Club Brush is one of the best methods for doing so. Its fine bristles get into the grooves of irons and its included carabiner makes it easy to attach to a golf bag.

The best way to perfect your drive is to practice — and being able to do that at home doesn’t have to be an extreme luxury. Champkey’s Premium Golf Mat is under $50, provides instant swing feedback, and is available in three sizes.

If you want to set up a practice driving range in your backyard, pick up one of these White Fang golf nets. It comes with three different turf grass mats, a set of balls, and tees, so you can work on perfecting your swing right out of the box.

Practice makes the perfect putter, right? With the Putt-a-Bout mat, you can put that theory to the test and take as many practice putts as your heart desires.

If there’s one thing every golfer can relate to, it’s losing many, many golf balls while playing. This pack from Callaway comes with 12 bright orange balls, so even if you do shank a tee shot, the color should help you easily find it.

One of the best ways to improve your swing technique is with a swing trainer stick, and this one from SKLZ is a …….



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