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E-readers are wonderful, eye-friendly reading devices with extensive features to enrich that experience. To make you reading process more comfortable, you can get some of these great accessories. Some are functional, others are quirky, but they all bring something to the table. Many of our picks ensure that you don’t have to unnecessarily get up from your comfy position in bed when curled up with a fantastic book.

There are so many more add-ons that can be used with your favorite reading device. Some newer e-readers like the Kindle Papaerwhite come with wireless charging support. If your model has that feature, we’ve also rounded off some excellent wireless chargers for the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Features like Bluetooth are more widely available in plenty of e-reader models. Getting a solid pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for your e-reader is also a great idea.

Once you’ve grabbed one, two, or three of these cool gadgets for your e-reader, move on to some of the hottest e-books at your leisure. If you’re out of ideas, we’ve got a whole bunch of excellent book recommendations in almost every genre.

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The Flippy Tablet Stand is a durable plush accessory designed to prop up a large tablet like an iPad. It’s perfect for e-readers of all sizes, big and small. Not only is it soft and comfy to hold, but it also features a hidden storage compartment on the side.

You can store your phone, USB cable, or wireless Bluetooth earbuds inside the cubby storage when not in use. The best part is, your things won’t fall out of the storage area easily as it has a cinched mouth. The Flippy Tablet Stand with Cubby Storage is available in 15 assorted colorways. You can grab one of these stands for $37.84 on Amazon.


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If you want a more mobile holder for your e-reader, getting a strap is a good idea. I recommend the TFY Security Hand Strap Holder for your e-reader for several reasons. Since the TFY strap is designed for tabs, it’s more suitable for e-readers since most e-paper devices have larger form factors than smartphones. E-readers also tend to be heavier in nature, which is where the durable TFY strap comes in handy again/

You’re less likely to have hand fatigue when holding your e-reader with the TFY Security Hand Strap Holder. It adds a lot more grip in a very ergonomic sense. The metal clasps hold on well, while the fabric prevents discomfort. TFY’s Hand Strap is available for $12 on Amazon.


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If you’re a fan of mobile phone accessories, chances are you’ve heard of the brand PopSockets. The brand is a master at its craft, offering hundreds of excellent and colorful grips for phones as well as tablets. Therefore, the PopSockets PopGrip for Magsafe is a fine companion for your e-reader. It sports a large circular grip that pops out of the base whenever you need it. PopSockets uses the highest quality 3M adhesive in its products, so you don’t need to worry about the PopGrip falling off. And of course, you can switch up your PopGrip’s look and feel by swapping the top out whenever you fancy.

The PopSockets PopGrip for Magsafe has a much larger base than the other phone grips from …….



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