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If you’re struggling to stick to your ambitious new-year-new-me fitness plan, why not invest in a swanky sports gadget to help get you motivated? There’s loads of interesting sports tech available that can help make a dreaded run, or uninspiring workout, far more appealing. We’ve rounded up eight of the best sports gadgets on the market, from sweat-resistant earphones to smart skipping ropes, so you can keep track of your progress, and look forward to your training and sporting activities.

Whether you want to improve your activewear wardrobe, buy an all-singing-all-dancing sports watch, or even try out swimming goggles that display metrics on the lens, we’ve got you covered.

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The best sports gadgets for 2022

Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones

If you rely on your favourite tunes to get you through a workout, a solid pair of sweat-resistant earphones are bound to come in handy. The Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones feature an adjustable and secure-fit ear hook for a comfortable fit. This helpful shape could prevent your earphones from slipping out during an active boxing, combat or Zumba session. There are controls on each earphone, so you don’t have to rely on your phone to change track, or answer calls.

With up to nine hours of listening time, you can take them out for the day without worrying about losing charge. You could even do a marathon if you fancied. If you’re working out with a pal – and you can agree on a song choice – there’s an audio sharing feature which lets you enjoy the same music.

Garmin Venu 2 GPS smart watch

As well as functioning as a stylish multi-sports watch, this sports gadget aims to monitor your body’s health. It scores the quality of your sleep, so you can hop back into bed if necessary. You can also check in with your body’s battery level to assess whether you have enough energy for that run or not. You can also discover your fitness age, and set hydration goals which adjust depending on how much you sweat during a particular sport, so it’s not short of snazzy features.

It has more than 25 preloaded apps tailored to specific sports, so you can track your progress whether you’re a swimmer, runner, walker, cyclist, golfer or HIIT enthusiast.

You can pair it with your smartphone to receive calls, social media alerts and text notifications too. We’re fans of the sleek look. It’s not too bulky or overly sporty in appearance, so it works well as a smart, everyday watch as well as a sports gadget.

Theragun Elite 

If you’re in need of a post-workout recovery sports gadget to help with achy muscles, this triangular massage gun could do the trick. The Theragun massage tools feature percussive therapy which aims to reach 60 per cent deeper into your muscles to help relieve muscle tension. The device claims to press against your body up to 40 times per second, so you should expect a rapid and rhythmic motion.

The Theragun Elite has five different attachments, so you can …….



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