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June 27, 2022 – 13:45 BST

Maisie Bovingdon

Travel has picked up with plenty booking last-minute holidays to Corfu, city breaks in the sunshine indulging in Spanish tapas and Sangria, or wholesome yoga retreats off the beaten track overlooking iconic rice fields in Bali. 

Wherever in the world you are jetting off to, there are some nifty gadgets to have on your radar. 

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While some travel buys are to keep you comfortable during the flight, whether that is short haul or long haul, others will see you through your entire vacation. 

While some may be looking to fully unwind on the journey to and from your destination with headphones, and foot rests, others may need all the top tips to help them squeeze absolutely everything into their case or cabin bag. 

However, others may need all the tips and tricks to keep them cool on their upcoming adventure. 

From travel pillows and ear plugs, to compression packing cubes, and travel bags that double up as a seat with all the queues at airports, these are some of the essentials that will change the way you travel forever. 

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Travel pillow 

A travel pillow has long been on our must-pack lists for as long as we can remember, because there is nothing worse than being stuck between two people who have dozed off, and you can’t get any shut eye yourself. 

TikTok has had some savvy packers even using their pillow as extra luggage space for some essentials, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Go Travel Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow, £19.99, John Lewis 


Flight Earplugs

Whether you suffer with ear pain due to the pressure during the flight, or simply want to drown out the surround sounds so you can doze off on your journey, flight earplugs are a must. 

They are super easy to use, simply pop in your ears before take off, but take out when you have reached cruising altitude, and slip back in when preparing to land, to make the journey a little more comfortable. 

Flight Earplugs, £4.70, Boots 


Airplane in Flight Phone Holder

We all love binge watching our favourite shows, or films, we have downloaded prior to a long haul flight, with no disturbances. 




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