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Bluetooth connection problems are usually caused by the Bluetooth device being paired with another gadget. You also need to be within range, the devices have to be fully charged, they need to use compatible Bluetooth versions, and you need to stay away from Smart Home devices, USB hubs, and Wi-Fi routers.


Is Bluetooth switched on?

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

We first tackle the obvious question — is your Bluetooth even switched on? I know it may be a bit offensive to suggest such a thing, but we all have our dozy moments. So don’t shoot the messenger just yet. Switching on Bluetooth will then instantly make your other devices discoverable.


If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure the feature is toggled to green. Once it is, it will start looking for other Bluetooth devices nearby, including AirPods, Apple Watch, and other Bluetooth devices.


When it comes to Android devices, it depends upon which Android model you have. Various devices have slightly varying menu locations, making it difficult to give precise directions. But in general, go to the device settings, and there will be a Bluetooth option in there, along with a toggle button similar to iOS devices.


On Windows, start typing the word Bluetooth into the Windows start menu, and you will immediately get the link to access Bluetooth settings. Clicking that link will bring you to the Windows section for Bluetooth, where you can toggle on the setting.


With a Mac, go to System Settings > Bluetooth. Toggle on the feature, and it will begin searching for nearby devices.

Make sure your Bluetooth device isn’t connected to another device

The biggest pain in the neck regarding Bluetooth is that if a device is already paired with another device, you have to unpair it before using it with something else.

The biggest Bluetooth connection problem is headphones. If you’re listening with headphones to something on your phone and decide to listen to something on your tablet, you have to unpair the headphones from your phone first. Until you do, your tablet won’t detect the headphones. Not the most seamless of experiences.

So if your device is not detecting the Bluetooth device, check your other gadgets to see if one of them is paired with it instead. If so, unpair it, and you should be good to go (hopefully.) You can unpair the devices by tapping the Forget this Device setting.

Make sure your Bluetooth device is within range

The maximum range for Bluetooth is 30 feet (10 meters.) That means you can’t connect your headphones to your laptop and then go out for a walk. You also can’t allow anything like walls and other obstacles to get in the way of a Bluetooth connection.

So make sure the devices are …….



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