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With the headphone jack gone from most of the premium smartphones, Bluetooth headphones and earphones have become the most common way to take calls or enjoy music, especially the TWS earbuds.
Using Bluetooth earphones means no wires, no scary tangled cables and best of all no accidents that often damage the smartphone. Having said that, Bluetooth earphones and headphones have their own issues and it can be really frustrating at times. So, here are a few common problems related to wireless earphones and how to fix them.
Headphones not pairing
The first and the most common problem people face is the earbuds not showing up in the Bluetooth list. This could be due to several reasons.

  • Check how to put the earphones into pairing mode: The most common problem users face is the right way to put the wireless earphones into pairing mode. Refer to the manual and follow the instructions provided.
  • Make sure the earphones are charged: Sometimes, it becomes difficult to tell whether the earphones are charged or not. So, to be on the safer side, do keep them on charge for a while and then turn it on and pair it.
  • Disconnect the earphones from other smartphones or devices: If you’ve connected your earphones to a device before and are trying to connect it with a new device, then make sure that you’ve disconnected them from the first device. Disconnecting them will automatically put them into pairing mode. Do note that some modern wireless earbuds support multi-device pairing, while some don’t.

Headphones not charging
This is another common problem with wireless earphones, especially TWS earbuds. The most common reason behind this can be the dust and contact points on the earbuds. The most common problem with this can be — forgetting to turn on the switch. However, there are other serious reasons as well, let’s take a look.

  • Clean the earbuds and the charging port on the case: The first thing you should do is clean the contact points on the earbuds as well as on the charging case. Also, make sure to clean the USB charging port on the case of the TWS earbuds. If you are using regular neckband style earphones, then ensure that the charging port is clean.
  • Check the cable, adapter and power socket: It is possible that the adapter or cable you are using is damaged. To test this, use the cable with any other device and check if it’s charging. If not, try to switch to another power socket at home.
  • Sound coming from only one earbud: Despite TWS earbuds being the easiest way to enjoy music and take calls, they are quite notorious for this quirk and it is a major one and the solution can force you to buy a new pair of earbuds.
  • Disconnect and reconnect: As we say, a simple restart can solve a lot of problems. Similarly, disconnect your earbuds from the device, put them back into the case and leave it for a while to charge. When they are out, pair them properly and check.
  • Reset wireless settings on your smartphone: On iOS, head to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings. On Android, head to the Settings → Reset → Reset network settings. Once done, re-pair the earbuds and check.

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