Casio G-SHOCK GA-B001 is a first-gen Bluetooth-enabled watch with a user-installable bezel and band –

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The G-SHOCK GA-B001. (Source: Casio)

Casio has unveiled its latest G-SHOCK timepiece as the series’ first ever model to rock the OEM’s new “integrated bezel and band” technology. It makes the new watch at least appear more modular, and has also been conceived as a “near-future” design also inspired by virtual reality (VR) environments. The GA-B001 variants can also pair with an owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth and Casio Mobile Link.

Many Casio G-SHOCK models are accessories for fans of the case-full-of-rivets esthetic. However, the new GA-B001 line takes it even further with side-mounted screws central to the device’s function and integrity. This is because they are there to secure each half of its one-piece bezel/band together around a case measuing 46mm across.

Casio claims to have been inspired by the potential of VR in the new kind of G-SHOCK’s design, although the new method of watch-strap installation is also rated to optimize the GA-B001’s fit by “minimizing the space between the wrist and watch“.

The first-gen ‘modular’ G-SHOCK comes in 4 color SKUs: all black (GA-B001-1A); a new shade of red that looks almost pink in some images (GA-B001-4A); one with a “gradated, translucent” black bezel-band and a red dial (GA-B001G-2A), and one with a similar gradient bezel-band but in blue and with a blue dial.

Therefore, the user could conceivably mix and match those parts of the watch’s construction for a unique look. Casio asserts that the GA-B001 is still shock-resistant once put together, and also supports numerous classic G-SHOCK features such as a full auto-calendar; auto-time adjustment; 38 world time-zone switching; 200m water resistance and a Super Illuminator LED.

It is also rated to allow a user to do such things such as find a paired smartphone, remotely adjust the watch’s time and set it to show some additional info thanks to Casio Mobile Link. Then again, the OEM has yet to say when this new and innovative G-SHOCK will ship or for how much.

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