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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed: Sleep Number showcases its smart beds at CES every year. This year, the company has added a bunch of new sensors that aim to give users a more personalised sleeping experience. It comes with a noise-reduction technology that masks in-bed and environmental noise. It also features support for ambient lightning that is tuned to a user’s circadian rhythm. Additionally, users can adjust the colour and intensity of lights on either side of the bed. They can also rotate it to provide optimal lighting. It also tracks a sleeper’s general wellness, which includes sleep health behaviours and chronic sleep barriers. Over time, the smart bed’s machine learning and artificial intelligence can identify out-of-norm events and alert the sleeper to pattern changes. The company said that in the future, the 360 smart bed will be able to detect illness and alert a sleeper to potential health conditions including insomnia, sleep apnea or cardiac events. It will go on sale in 2023. (Image: Business Wire)

Source: https://www.bgr.in/photo-gallery/ces-2022-here-are-the-top-weird-and-wacky-gadgets-launching-in-las-vegas-1033171/


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