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Want to buy a smart mirror for your home? From intelligent workout mirrors to Alexa-enabled bathroom versions, these are the best you can actually buy.

Smart mirrors sure seem futuristic—but you know they’re already here. An AR-infused bathroom mirror can help you try on a new look or while a workout mirror lets you dance your way through a live fitness class. And, best of all, these products aren’t just conceptual; they’re smart mirrors you can actually buy.

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While some smart mirrors remain in the designers’ studio, others are quite purchasable. For instance, the Capstone mirror is just what you’d expect from a connected mirror; it lets you check your email, commute, and more.

Then, your home exercise becomes more varied and decor-friendly than ever with the Echelon Reflect, FORME Studio, and others. They bring an immersive workout to you, tailored to your unique needs.

Take your home to the future with these cool smart mirrors.

1. The Capstone Smart Mirror helps you check the weather, time, emails, and more while you’re in the bathroom getting ready.

Capstone Smart Mirror in use

Your mirror can brief you about the day ahead when it’s the Capstone Smart Mirror. It displays emails, checks the time, lets you browse YouTube, and more. Yes, you can get makeup tutorials, commute times, and listen to your music as you get ready.

Get it for $899 on the official website.

2. The Echelon Reflect smart fitness mirror looks beautiful in your home and gives you access to thousands of on-demand and live classes.

Echelon Reflect with a chair

Feel like you’re in the workout studio with the Echelon Reflect smart fitness mirror. This 50″ mirror delivers immersive full-body workouts at different levels. What’s more, it doubles as home decor.

Get it for $1,499.99 on the official website.

3. The FORME Studio smart fitness mirror keeps fitness fun with classes that include dance, pilates, strength training, and more.

FORME Studio with a person dancing

Mix things up with your workouts when you have the FORME Studio smart fitness mirror. Its impressive 43″ mirror keeps things interesting, displaying a wide range of classes. Plus, you can even track your form on the display, making it one of the best smart mirrors you can actually buy.

Get it for $2,495 on the official website.

4. The FITURE interactive smart fitness mirror adds style to any home and oomph to your workouts, connecting you to world-famous trainers.

FITURE with a person holding weights

Want to book a fitness class at home with a world-renowned fitness instructor? It’s possible with the FITURE interactive smart fitness mirror. It gives you access to some of the best trainers out there, and the 43″ display makes it feel like they’re in the room with you. It even counts your reps and offers guidance.

Get it for $1,495 on the official website.

5. The HiMirror Slide smart makeup mirror monitors your skin and gives you personalized tips daily. It lets you test new looks in AR.

HiMirror Slide in a YouTube video

Get your skin health analyzed daily with the HiMirror Slide smart makeup mirror. It measures different skin factors …….



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