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I’ve been busy reviewing gadgets this summer, but I almost always have a backlog of items to consider.

An overnight trip recently allowed me to review two items — some luggage and a flashlight — while a third one stayed at home and kept my lights on.

Samsara Tag Smart AirTag Luggage

I’m a big fan of Apple’s AirTags, which are small tracking devices you can attach to anything you don’t want to lose.

I currently have an AirTag on my keychain and my wallet, and I can’t tell you how often I use my iPhone to find them. The beauty of the AirTag is that you can use your iPhone to find it if you are within Bluetooth range of 50 feet or less.

I’ve seen several stories online about people attaching AirTags to their luggage to help keep track of their bags during a trip, especially after you check that bag at the airport.

There are lots of third-party luggage tags with AirTag holders, but a thief can easily remove them.

I’ve been testing a case with a built-in spot for an AirTag that’s accessible only from inside the bag. Samsara Tag Smart AirTag Luggage ships with an AirTag, saving you the trouble of buying it yourself.

The AirTag means you can keep track of the location with the Find My app on your iPhone. Sorry, but Android phone users can’t track AirTags and won’t find this much use.

There are three sizes of Tag Smart bags, and the Carry-on ($265), Grand Carry-on ($295) and Checked bags ($370) are available in yellow or black. The shells are made of polycarbonate, and the frame is aluminum.

There are also all-aluminum versions of the mid-sized bag that cost $445. All the bags can be found at

I tested the Grand Carry-on in yellow. It measures 9 inches by 15 inches by 22.5 inches and weighs just 10.8 pounds, and it has a capacity of 43.5 liters.

The handle retracts fully into the case, making for a flat top that can be used as a desk for your laptop if you are sitting at the airport.

The bag has four 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth pulling, and each of the two latches is a TSA-approved combination lock.

The inside is lined with a durable plastic liner with a zipper closure on one side and elastic strap on the other side. There are handles on the top and side for easy pick up.

The bag is really sturdy and easy to pull, and it has successfully accompanied my wife and me on three weekend trips so far this summer.

Pros: Includes an AirTag and has a tough, hard shell with easy rolling.

Cons: A bit pricey.

Bottom line: This is a bag that will last a long time and help you find it if it is lost.

The 5,000 lumen Infinity X1 flashlight has two power sources, a rechargeable battery or AA batteries.(Nick Berard)

Infinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight

I’m a flashlight …….



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