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Item trackers were made for absent-minded people like me. Not a day goes by that I don’t ping my iPhone from my Apple Watch so I can find where I left it. I usually need it so I can open the Find My app to find my keys. I’ve misplaced my phone in the fridge, lost my wallet in the Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport, and left my passport behind on the greasy counter of a Queens diner. Given my dismal track record, I was eager to try the $35 Chipolo Card Spot — a slim card-shaped Bluetooth tracker that works on Apple’s Find My network.

I was also a bit wary. The Find My network is so accurate that it borders on creepy, especially when you look at all the recent reports of people discovering they’d been tracked by unknown AirTags. It’s an issue that Apple has officially acknowledged and the company recently said it’d beef up AirTag safety features. However, this isn’t an AirTag. It’s a third-party tracker using Apple’s network — and I wasn’t sure how that’d translate in real life.

Good Stuff

  • Seamless setup
  • Leverages Find My network
  • Has anti-stalking features
  • Loud sound alerts

Bad Stuff

  • No ultra-wideband
  • Notifications aren’t always timely
  • Not Android compatible

Chipolo has been around for a while and the Card Spot is not reinventing the wheel. None of the technologies it uses are exactly new. Technically, the Chipolo One Spot was the company’s first Find My tracker. The Card Spot, which was announced back at CES 2022, is just a new form factor. And in the design department, the Card Spot is nearly identical to the Tile Slim.

Truly, I had a difficult time telling the two trackers apart. They’re basically the same size and width. Hell, they even share the same price and basic feature set. Both are loud, but neither is dramatically louder than the other. The Card Spot gets up to 105 decibels, while the Slim goes up to 108 decibels. (That’s about as loud as a power tool and a heck of a lot louder than the AirTag’s chime at 60 decibels.) I hid the trackers in a closet under some pillows and had no trouble hearing either one from the other side of my apartment. The Slim has slightly better IP67 water resistance to the Card Spot’s IPX5 rating. The Card Spot also has a shorter estimated battery life at two years to the Slim’s three. Both are capable of sending you notifications, either when you leave the device behind or when it’s found.

There’s not much to say about the Card Spot’s hardware

So no, there’s not much to say about the Card Spot’s hardware. The only thing I’d keep in mind is that it’s not the best for slimmer wallets. I keep my ID, credit card, and my MetroCard in my Bandolier case. That’s not much, but it was still hard to cram the Card Spot in along with all that. I also have a card holder-style wallet and while I could fit the tracker in it, I had to get rid of some other cards to accommodate it. You’ll have a better time …….



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